We’ve all got our fears about starting something new, right?


So, heres a quick look at few fears you may have before starting your CrossFit journey them….

a) You may be Nervous or Apprehensive

Everybody had a first day and had the same feelings. It is the same as the first day of school or your first day at a new job. The coaches and members are welcoming and friendly. We understand that you’re probably in a new environment and learning / doing new things so smile, ask questions and enjoy the journey.

b) You will realize how your lifestyle affects your training and movement

What you have been doing for the last 5-10 years will affect your training / mobility and movement. Natural we are made to squat and lift objects – just watch kid’s move. PERFECT! As they have no bad habits. As we go through life we pick up bad movement patterns due to society. Everyone has limitations. A limitation is something that will stop you having baby natural movement, for example tight hamstring or lack of thoracic extension. The coaching staff at CFND will be able to help you with these, either in practice of movement or increase mobility in certain areas / movements. Muscles that you didn’t even know you had will hurt. There is a difference between good hurt and bad pain. Talk to your trainer and let them know what is happening. They can make recommendations to help you.

c) You may worry about being last & thats OK!

Everybody finishes last at least once. I still do. It is part of learning. Try not to sacrifice technique for time. Scaling is a good thing. The trainer will be able to help determine the right weight or the right substitute. It takes time and lots of practice to get better, however it does happen! Push yourself at every session.

d) Are workouts (WODs) to HARD ?

The workouts are planned to be challenging, hard work and rewarding. You will be left in a pile of sweet on the floor on many occasion, but not every! Any Trainer can BEAST someone, but ask why. Every aspect of our programme is planned in detail to develop energy systems, movement patterns, and you make you as well rounded as can be. Everything has a reason, from doing 5×5 Front Squat on a Monday, and doing Wall Balls on a Thursday. If in doubt, just ask and I ll explain everything to you.

e) Will I make some good Friends

I have met so many great people at CFND, and I get to spend most of my time with you all. Other members become your friend, your support group. Everyone is going through the same feelings in the WOD. Having a common goal, a common interest brings people together. CrossFit Family!

f) Will I get bulky?

Ladies – Don’t look at the scales, as you will probably gain weight in the first month or so. This is not you getting bigger, it’s a change in body composition / shape. Muscle weighs more than Fat. The real magic is how your clothes fit, what jeans or dress size you are, and what your friends and family say, and they will. Best bet is to take a photo, at the end of each month.

g) The first rule of CrossFit is to talk about CrossFit

It can easily become obsessive. The gear, shoes, clothing, food, etc. It’s a great! Doing CrossFit properly and eating better will make your more healthy and improve your quality of life. It won’t take long before all of your family and friends know you are a CrossFitter. It will be plastered on your Facebook page and it’s all you’ll talk about. Don’t worry, It is fine.

Why did I Wait so Long to try CrossFit?

I don’t know. Why did you?

See You In The Classes Soon….

Jason Slade

About Jason Slade

Jason is Co Owner of CrossFit North Devon, with CrossFit level 1 qualification. He is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, British Weight Lifting Course and CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer Tutor.