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Welcome To CrossFit North Devon



We offer an outstanding personal service aimed at helping people like you to achieve your individual fitness goals and improve your overall quality of life.


CrossFit North Devon offers you quality guided coaching, exciting and diverse classes and a friendly & welcoming environment. Our group training programme is accessible to everyone and offers you the chance to progress in every session.


Community is key to our fitness philosophy at CrossFit North Devon. From high level supportive coaches to friends that will hold you accountable to turning up to training. You’ll gain a real sense of belonging, social support and a place to share your fitness goals. 


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Can't recommend this place enough. Great coaching, great facilities and a great community. I joined 2 years ago to help improve my surfing - not only am I stronger, fitter and more mobile, I now get more waves!


The best gym by far, not just because of the workouts, because of the atmosphere, coaches, people. I started at the beginning of this year and I've made some true friends, everyone is so kind and welcoming! Crossfit is my happy place!


CrossFit North Devon isn't just a place where u work out its like a family and where you hit your personal bests/goals. Get fitter, stronger and make some amazing friends along the way. Excellent coaches and facilities. Wouldn't go any where else!!


The sense of community and friendship from everyone here is amazing. Taking part in the sessions has changed my life for the better, I'm fitter, stronger and happier, and it's all thanks to the great trainers and members.


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Whatever your Fitness goals, we can guarantee you the highest level of results.


With the aim of boosting both your fitness & knowledge, you’ll learn the exact training & lifting methods taught to both recreational & competitive CrossFitters world wide. Our successful training system has been tried & tested by thousands of people of all ages & fitness levels. So, if it works for us, WE KNOW IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

There’s a Reason CrossFit is Growing So Fast…


Our coaches train and lead members through Constantly Varied, Mixed Intensity, circuit based Strength & Fitness workouts, known as WOD’s (The CrossFit word for ‘workout of the day’)

We fully respect your capabilities and whilst we push you to personally achieve, we only let you progress when you’ve absolutely perfected the level you’re at.

 All our sessions provide both beginner (scaled) & advanced options, so you can work at your own pace. So… whatever your age & fitness level, you’ll fit right in from the start.

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 Things CrossFit North Devon Can Do For You…


Make new friends, Gain support & Share your fitness Journey

Become Leaner

Improve your lean muscle, raise  metabolism & lower your body fat

Improved Sleep

Improve your sleep quality & energize yourself for the week ahead


Have fun, increase your confidence & decrease stress levels

Improved Health

Decrease your chance of Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoporosis & Insulin resistance.

Increased Performance

Improve your everyday activities with increased energy levels

” Just Imagine Where You’ll Be In 6 Months From Now… 

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Our Clients Are Here For Many Reasons

CrossFit is an experience like no other gym which has kept me hooked for the past 2 or so years. Strength and conditioning training is fantastic for toning, something I struggled with at the 'normal gym'. Everyone is so supportive too! Highly recommend!


This is the best thing that happened to me in the last years! CFND is fantastic not just by the concept itself but because it has top quality coaching which will always keep you safe and motivated,


There is a whole range of abilities and personalities here, and they make it so so easy to come to.The issue i have is staying away, rather than being bothered to go....its my hobby now...and I love it. Started off as a necessary gym thing. Its now simply what I do.


The best gym by far, not just because of the workouts, because of the atmosphere, coaches, people. I started at the beginning of this year and I've made some true friends, everyone is so kind and welcoming! Crossfit is my happy place!