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Coaching & Fun - 8 Group Training Sessions

For 2018 we've put together the most comprehensive Beginners Group Foundation Course we've ever offered. With the aim of boosting both your fitness & knowledge, you'll learn the exact training & lifting methods taught to both recreational & competitive CrossFitters world wide. Our successful training system has been tried & tested by thousands of people of all ages & fitness levels. So, if it works for us, we know it will  work for you!

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    Improve Your Strength: Learn our 9 basic lifts & start to master the correct way to Squat, Press & Pull with our simple but affective Coaching methods. You're guaranteed to improve muscle tone & body shape.
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    Increase Your Fitness: Gradually start to incorporate the many different elements of CF into various types of workouts. You'll quickly learn how to scale each class to maximise your current fitness level.
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    Improve Your Flexibility: Learn easy to apply stretching routines & how to use foam rollers and other soft tissue release techniques to help you remain both mobile & flexible.

This is what we'll teach you:


How to weight lift

Learn correct weight lifting techniques that are hard to find elswhere such as Front Squats, Deadlifts & Power Cleans to help accelerate your confidence, strength & muscle tone.


How to pace your WOD

Learn how to correctly pace various types of workout with efficient breathing & counting techniques to help build your fitness engine whilst using Box Jumps, Kettlebells & Medicine Balls to name but a few.


Basic Bodyweight & Gymnastics

Learn everything from basic Press-ups & Bodyweight Squats to Headstands & pull-ups to help you build your foundational strength singing our successful scaled learning techniques.


Aerobic & Anaerobic Training 

Learn how to correctly use elliptical trainers such as our Assault Bikes and Concept 2 Rows, along side running & skipping to add further dimensions to our WOD's. Theres no point having a strong body and a weak engine right?

What our clients are saying about us:

Workouts are scaled to suit you....

Crossfit North Devon is an amazing gym, no matter your fitness level or ability, the workouts are scaled to suit you and every session is different. The coaches are brilliant and always encouraging, everyone is friendly and helpful. The weightlifting and workouts have made me stronger and fitter, I really can't recommend it enough!

Mellisa Holt  // 

Everyone is so kind and welcoming...

The best gym by far, not just because of the workouts, because of the atmosphere, coaches, people. I started at the beginning of this year and I've made some true friends, everyone is so kind and welcoming! Crossfit is my happy place! I've learnt a lot and forever being pushed out of my comfort zone which is exactly what I need.

Toni Michelle  // 

Crossfit is an experience like no other gym....

Crossfit is an experience like no other gym which has kept me hooked for the past 2 or so years. Strength and conditioning training is fantastic for toning, something I struggled with at the 'normal gym'. Everyone is so supportive too! Highly recommend!

Adele Reed  //

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Next Course starts Tuesday 5th June 2018

You'll be amazed at what you learn


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