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The Ultimate Group Fitness Starter Package...

A Stand-alone Month Consisting of 12 Sessions

Our Starter Package is a standalone month that offers you a great way to try out CrossFit for yourself without any long term commitment.  Our Coaches are all homegrown from our community, so fully understand your learning needs. We'll introduce you to the foundational techniques required to move properly, lift safely & pace your fitness activities, allowing you to learn at your own pace. If you are a motivated to succeed, you're sure to love it. 

Your First 3 Sessions Are One-2-One With A Coach

Your first 3 sessions with us are 1-2-1 with your own Coach. This is a great way to start off slowly and get a greater understanding of our foundational movements. These sessions are both practical and educational, comprising of different Functional Movements using both barbells and bodyweight exercises. You will also learn flexibility & mobility drills, alongside soft tissue management (massage techniques). Our overall aim here is to build your confidence and basic skill set so that you can then enter the classes and start using your new skills as your foundational fitness level.

Try Out Upto 9 Class Sessions for FREE

Following your initial 1-2-1 Coaching sessions, you'll have the opportunity to try out up to 9 classes. Each session will be led by a Coach and will help you build on your newly acquired, Foundational skills (see video). We have two levels of workout each day, an advanced and a scaled (beginner version). We fully understand that everyone has different ability levels and wants different things from their training, so each session is completely scaled to suit you. Please Note: All sessions should be used within a month of your Start Date.

Choose From 26 Classes Per Week

We are Group Fitness Specialists, it's simply what we do best. You can choose from are main CF Group WOD sessions (Workout Of the Day), Cf Lite & Barbell Club sessions. You can even book into our Open Gym sessions to practice what you've learnt in your own time. With classes on at 10am,12pm, 5pm, 6pm & 7pm every weekday & two classes on Saturday at 9am & 10am, you'll have loads to choose from. (To see our full listing, hit the Login button on our website). You will never be on your own, with us. If it's not our Coaches guiding you, it'll be the the people you'll meet within our community. Coaching & support from every angle....

Never Be Bored Of Your Training Again...

"You'll learn something NEW everyday with CrossFit"
​Body Weight Movements - Strong Core

Often underrated as a strength element, this is very much our Foundation. Utilising basic progressions & correct movement mechanics, we help you navigate the world of basic Press-ups & Ring-Rows into the more advanced Ring Muscle-ups & Handstand Press-ups. These movements are proven to develop a solid core & lay the foundation for strength.

Aerobic Capacity - Build the Engine

Having a good Engine (aerobic Ability) is essential to fitness. Alongside giving you the ability to do more in life, it helps you to recover from more strenuous bouts of activity. Here we utilise both longer, slower workouts that include Bikes, Rowers, Running, skipping & Bodyweight movements to gradually increase your fitness.

Weight Lifting - Functional Strength

CF has really opened up the doors of strength for both Men & Women alike. Simply having more muscle will burn more calories, increase functional movement & add to sports performance. Here we introduce you basic compound movements like a weighted Squat & Overhead Press. And gradually introduce you to more advanced Olympic Lifts.

Mobility & Soft Tissue Management

If you can't get into a good position to start with, you won't be able to progress with your strength. Straight from the start we check your range of movement and introduce you to stretching techniques. We also show you how to manage your soft tissue, so you can help reduce any accumulated movement issues.

A Word From The Coach

Hi! Im Steve & the Co-Owner of CF North Devon... I've been in the fitness game for over 12 years now, so believe me when i tell you, you're in good hands. My business partner Jason & I started out just like you, so we really do understand the mix of excitement, nerves & self-doubt that you may have about getting started. Now... I can't promise that what we teach you will turn you into a complete god or goddess. That’s really down to you. But I can tell you, that with a little time & effort we can help change your life for the better.

“If you're up for a NEW challenge, we would love to meet you.”

What Our Clients are Saying....

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Changed My Life For The Better...

​" I've been going to Crossfit North Devon for nearly two years, and love every session, no matter how hard they are. The sense of community and friendship from everyone there is amazing. Taking part in the sessions has changed my life for the better, I'm fitter, stronger and happier, and it's all thanks to the great trainers and members."

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else...

"Crossfit north devon isn't just a place where u work out it's like a family and where you hit your personal bests/goals. Get fitter, stronger and make some amazing friends along the way. Excellent coaches and facilities. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!"

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I Now Get More Waves...

“Can't recommend this place enough. Great coaching, great facilities and a great community. I joined 2 years ago to help improve my surfing - not only am I stronger, fitter and more mobile, I now get more waves!"


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  • Are you looking to take your Fitness to the Next Level ?
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