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Why CrossFit Kids Training?

CrossFit Kids is an exciting world of fitness education in a fun, active & engaging group environment, led by highly qualified & welcoming coaches. Just imagine your child taking part in their daily dose of exercise, improving their muscular fitness & becoming more confident & competitive with life. 

 Fitness They're Guaranteed To Love...


Build Confidence! Have Fun & Get CrossFit TODAY! 

1 hour doing something active is more valuable than 10 hours screen time!


What's Included In CrossFit Kids...


Learn Movement Through Preparation, Practice & Play...

Learning new skills is a great way to enrich your child's life...

Each class is designed to help your child exceed at various challenges by introducing them to functional movements, skill development, strength and fun conditioning challenges. 

Your child's fitness will be fully assessed and the exercises adapted accordingly. As they improve they will be introduced to weights and more advanced apparatus.

We have hundreds of different exercises & fun workouts to keep them stimulated and progressing.


Become Strong For A Lifetime Of Confidence...

Besides being the number one way to lose body fat & look good, building toned muscle can be surprisingly good fun.

Light weight training with both bodyweight training & the use of various apparatus is an integral part of your CF Kids training. They'll start out training with light dumbbells & kettlebells to create balance within the body and gradually progress to barbell movements as their strength & confidence grows.

Looking & feeling stronger isn't just for adults. It can seriously impact on how your child can feel about themselves and their confidence in social groups. 


Build Fitness, Excel In Sport & Play Longer With Friends...

Being able to keep up with the other kids or excel in sports & hobbies is must for a lot of kids.  

Our circuit based workouts, mix multiple elements of body weight, dumbbells & cardio training using bikes & rowers etc to help your child gradually build their fitness engine & increasing their ability to play longer.

Being able to run, jump, press weighty objects and generally spend more time pushing the limits of their outdoor fun will vastly improve their happiness.

The health benefits speak for themselves in a world of computer games, junk food and borderline diabetes. Fitness is our key for health.


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Hear From Some Of Our Parents...

It’s great that we can share the same love for CrossFit...

"Ruby has grown up coming to the gym with me & always loved to join in. She’s very active & since joining CF Kids she’s made many friends & the supportive coaches have helped her grow in confidence & strength. It’s great that we can share the same love for CrossFit."

Sam Harris // 

Our whole family train CrossFit & Ethan loves that...

"Our whole family train CrossFit & Ethan loves that he’s now part of this! He's become more confident in himself and learns something new every class. He's confident at rope climbing and has even learnt to do pull-ups! He's now much stronger and faster, which has really helped with his rugby too."

James Liepa //

It makes me so happy to see him doing what he loves...

"Isaac's confidence has grown massively. He feels so comfortable and welcomed here. His physical strength has improved as has his knowledge of how to use the equipment safely. It makes me so happy to see him doing what he loves and the team there are so friendly and helpful."

Lucy Squire //


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