Not Done With Life Yet? Want To keep moving as long as possible In A Friendly Environment?

Find new strength, start moving without pain & start living a more active life with our BRAND NEW CrossFit Legends 60+ fitness program, JOIN TODAY….

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Why CrossFit Legends 60+ Training?

CrossFit Legends 60+ is an exciting world of movement, fun, & engaging group activity, led by highly qualified & welcoming coaches. Just imagine joining a fun, supportive community where you can exercise to your own ability, improve your muscular fitness & become more confident & active with life. 

 Guaranteed to be better than chair fitness any day ...

STARTS Monday 14th November 2022 @ 9am


Become More Active & Confident With Life...  

1 hour doing something active is more valuable than 10 hours watching TV


What's Included In CrossFit Legends 60+...


Keep Your Mind Active, Enrich Your Life & Move More....

  • Learning new skills is a great way to enrich your later years...
  • Each class is designed to help you have fun & ease back into a semi-regular exercise routine.
  • Coaches introduce you to basic functional movements & provide gradual skill development.
  • Your fitness will be fully assessed and the exercises adapted accordingly for your individual needs. 
  • Classes are safely structured to help you become stronger & keep you moving forward with life.

Increase Your Strength & Make Life Hurt Less...

  • Re-building muscle tone around your joints can be extremely beneficial to those aches & pains.
  • Improving muscle tone is also the number one way to lose body fat. 
  • You'll progress from basic bodyweight movements to more full-range movements to rebuild your base strength.
  • You'll learn to use basic strengthening apparatus to help you safely lift & squat again.
  • Being strong is for life. Make sitting & standing from chairs or picking stuff up easy again.

Improve Your Fitness & Put The Pep Back In Your Step...

  • Improve your fitness, move around the house better & get to those local shops without being so breathless.
  • Become better at moving with multiple fitness elements in our modified circuit based group classes.
  • Everything you do will be scaled to your current fitness ability so you can move & rest as much as you like. 
  • Our Coaches will be there to help, guide & support you at all times.
  • Fitness & movement is your key to more personal freedom.

Come Down & Try A FREE Legends 60+ Class TODAY!

Grab this opportunity to improve the quality of your life, get outside, be active & life a little more...


Hear From Some North Devon Legends...

It’s great...

"Its Great Having Someone To Help Me Become Stronger & More Flexible So I Love Being Active"

Nic // 

Loves to exercise...

"I Love To Exercise With People Of Similar Ages & Having The Chance To Be Competitive Again"

Sandra //

So happy...

" Im So Happy That Ive Found CrossFit & Functional Training, Im Beginning To Feel Brand New Again "

Joanne //


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