Not Done With Life Yet? Want To keep moving as long as possible...

Find new strength, start moving without pain & start living a more active life with our BRAND NEW CrossFit Legends 65+ fitness program, JOIN TODAY….


Why CrossFit Legends 65+ Training?

CrossFit Legends 65+ is an exciting world of fitness, fun, & engaging group activity, led by highly qualified & welcoming coaches. Just imagine joining a new community where you can exercise to your own ability, improve your muscular fitness & become more confident & active with life. 

 Guaranteed to be better than chair fitness any day ...


Be More Active & Confident With Life TODAY! 

1 hour doing something active is more valuable than 10 hours watching TV


What's Included In CrossFit Legends 65+...


Gain Freedom, Enrich Your Life & Move More....

Learning new skills is a great way to enrich your later years...

Each class is designed to help you have fun & ease back into a semi-reguler exercise routine. Our Coaches will introduce you to functional movements, skill development, strength and fun conditioning challenges. 

Your fitness will be fully assessed and the exercises adapted accordingly. As you improve you will be gradually introduced to small weights and later (if you wish) more advanced apparatus.

We have many structured exercises & fun workouts to help keep you moving forward with life.


Improve Strength & Make Life Hurt Less...

Besides being the number one way to lose body fat, building muscle around your joints can be extremely beneficial to those aches & pain..

Starting out with bodyweight training to build your initial confidence, you'll gradually progress to more full-range movements to rebuild your base strength. You'll learn to use light dumbbells & kettlebells to help you build further strength & balance & as you progress you'll be able to progress to beginner barbell movements.

Being strong is for life. Even some improvement will quickly benefit everyday activie such as picking stuff up or sitting & standing from chairs.


Build Fitness & Put The Pep Back In Your Step...

Being able to move around the house, get to those local shops & just get outside without being breathless is a must for many.  

Our circuit based fitness sessions offer a mix of multiple elements of body weight, dumbbells & cardio training using walking, & indoor bikes to help your build your ability to move for longer & in different ways.

Everything is scaled to your current ability. You can rest as much as needed & our Coaches will be there to help & guide you at all times.

The health benefits speak for themselves, especially in todays world. Fitness is our key for health & longevity. 


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Grab this opportunity to improve the quality of your life, get outside, be active & life a little...


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