Back To Fitness

(Personal Coaching )


Looking to improve your fitness, but not sure where to start? Then our Back To Fitness Package is sure to help you smash those fitness goals and keep you on track…  


For those looking to improve their basic strength & all round fitness, we offer our Back To Fitness package. Two (2) Personal Coaching Sessions to be completed twice (x2) per week each month.

This package focuses on individual strength, skill and aerobic development. Each training session both introduces you to, and further develops your basic weightlifting skills which are applied to the functional movements of Squatting, Pressing, Pulling & Bending along side the development of your aerobic fitness. Sessions feature a mobility & flexibility based warm-up, followed by technique & strength elements and an aerobic based workout.

Each workout is different from the last and builds each month. Sessions may include bodyweight, weightlifting, kettlebells, rowers, bikes  and much more. All sessions are individually tailored to your ability & current fitness level making them perfect for anyone looking to get back to being fit.

You can choose to remain with Personal Coaching and further advance your training or at anytime join our exciting Group Fitness classes. The choice is yours…

Monthly Two Sessions Per Week