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Why B2F Personal Training?

Working with & creating a relationship with your own coach can be a very rewarding experience. Your coach will work with you to adapt your training as you move forward, to help you gain confidance & provide you with a fun, stimulating & challenging fitness experience.

 Fitness You're Guaranteed To Love...

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Whats Included In Your B2F Training Plan...


A Tailored For You, Back To Fitness Program...

Following your successful consultion, a coach will use your training notes to adapt your very own B2F program to assure your success. 

This is where having a coach that understands your training needs really stands out. Our coaches are trained to teach you movement from the ground up. They will look at your flexibility & test your functional movements, then add weights and conditioning to suit your current abilities & goals.

We have hundreds of exercise movements to help any ability & provide you with guaranteed to results.


Tone Muscles & Increase Your Strength...

Besides being the number one way to lose body fat, building muscle to reshape, lean and re-define your body can be surprisingly good fun.

Weight training is an integral part of your B2F program and we technically coach you in every detail. You'll start out training with dumbbells to create balance within the body and progress to barbell movements such as squats, presses & deadlifts to further develop your body shape and melt the pounds. 

Having more muscle is just one of the main pillars of fitness and weightloss we use to get you in shape. Ryan lost 30 kg (5 st) from just weight training.


Build Fitness, Feel Great & Play Harder With Life...

Being able to keep up with the kids or partake in outdoor activities & hobbies is great for the mind, body and soul. Life's just no fun at all if after a minute or two, you end bent over with your hands on your knees or lent against a wall gasping for oxygen. 

Our circuit based workouts, mix multiple elements of body weight, dumbbells & cardio training using bikes & rowers etc to help you gradually build your aerobic engine & increasing your ability to recover quickly between bouts of activity.

Mark lost 30 kg (we made him hold it) and parted company with type 2 diabetes, with a mix of weights & conditioning. He initially stated he'd never run. He now runs 200m repeats. 


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Hear From Our B2F Innovators... 

My fitness was poor at best. I'd piled on the pounds, hated walking & running was out of the question...

"I now train twice per week with Steve and eat sensibly. I’m 35kg lighter, have taken 40cm off my waist and my insulin levels have returned to normal! I can run, do push ups & can regularly walk 10,000 steps a day. 

I feel so much better now and highly recommend this program, no matter how old or unfit you are."

mark overton // 

Excellent coaches and facilities...

"Get fitter, stronger and make some amazing friends along the way. Excellent coaches and facilities. Wouldn't go any where else!"

Hollie ann //

I weighed in at 22st 13lbs & was feeling pretty awful & daunted by the task ahead of me...

"In my first 6 weeks i actually lost a total of 2 stone and started to adjust my diet. The training was hard at first, but we pushed on & my expectations were surpassed. I lost 5st 6lbs & everything is now easier. My life with my 3 yr old daughter is more active, i look healthier and all round just happier. 

I wish i could scream from the rafters how well this program works. Just do it…"

Ryan O'Neill //


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