CrossFit Beginners Group Foundation Course.


For 2018 we’ve put together the most comprehensive CrossFit Foundation Course we’ve ever offered


For those NEW to CrossFit, we offer 8 Group Training Sessions to be held every Tuesday & Thursday evening from 8-9pm. Starts on the first Tuesday of every month.

Each session aims to build your understanding of CrossFit’s Foundational Movements which focus on functional Squatting, Pressing & Pulling techniques. Class sessions are both fun & challenging in nature. Each class will feature a group warm-up, a strength section & a unique workout (WOD) that is often completed, either Independently or in a Team.

Workouts contain the use of Body Weight Exercises, Rowing, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting and much more.

Classes are ALL scaled to your ability level and are designed to improve your all-round Strength & Fitness. We are sure you are going to love these world famous sessions.

Next Course Starts:

Tuesday 5th June


Fast Track Foundations


Already have a good level of fitness & experience with bodyweight exercises, but are lacking Barbell Skills?


For those with a reasonable fitness level that wish to fast track to our class schedule, we offer 3 Personal Training Sessions to be completed in daytime training hours.

Each session will introduce you to our CrossFit Foundational Movements, which focus on Squatting, Pressing & Pulling. Sessions are mostly technical in nature & feature a mobility & flexibility based warm-up followed by focused Barbell Technique coaching.

Sessions focus predominately on the use of Power Lifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettlebells & Medicine balls.

Each session is scaled to your current ability level and personal requirements, with the aim of improving your understanding of the above techniques in both strength & fitness settings. We are positive you are going to love these individual sessions.

Test Out


Already have Barbell experience & a good level of Fitness?


For those with a reasonable fitness level and proficient lifting skills, wishing to fast track to our class schedule. We offer a single one hour slot, where your current skills will be assed. Session to be completed in daytime training hours.

The session will test both your knowledge and technical ability in all CrossFit Foundational Movements, focusing predominately on the use of Power Lifting & Olympic Weight Lifting, with lesser known barbell movements included.

Would primarily suit those relocating to the area that are already training at another CF Affiliate or have come from the sport of Olympic Weight Lifting. Those training from home or similar gym will also be considered.

Visiting CrossFitter


Whether you are on holiday or just visiting for the day, you’re more than welcome to join us for a WOD or two.


These sessions can be purchased and booked straight away, via the link below & can be used in either class or Open Gym sessions.  You will need to have completed a Foundation or Starter course at a CF Affiliate anywhere in the world & have a reasonable understanding of our Basic Movements.

We look forward to meeting you…

CrossFit Teens


If you’d like to introduce your child to the best fitness system in the world, then this is for you.


Led by supportive coaches, and mentors we aim to prepare the young athletes of the future by introducing them to functional movements, skill development, strength and conditioning all aimed at enriching their lives….

These classes can be accessed straight away, via two membership options. Here you will be guided by a Coach with the aim at introducing each child to an exciting world of correct bodyweight movements, Kettlebells, medicine balls, basic Barbell movements & mixed intensity workouts.