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COVID-19 UPDATE May 2021 – We Are Now Accepting Drop-ins From Other Box’s


We are happy to announce that we are now accepting Drop-ins (in limited numbers) to anyone visiting the area with a reasonable understanding of CrossFit’s Foundational Movements. 

You’ll be required to use the NHS App upon entry & follow our in-house covid guidelines. At this time we cannot guarantee any training spots in peak open times & will not be able to accommodate groups of 3-5 at anyone time. 

If you’d like to train with us, then please contact us via email, phone or text.  Please introduce yourself & let us know your training requirements & we’ll let you know how we can accommodate you. 

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT book the 3 FREE Sessions as these are non applicable to visiting CrossFitters. Thank You For Not Being That Person. 


* Please Note:

  1. We use the popular Team-up booking & payment system, so if you already have an account with your own CF Affiliate, you can use your current log-in details.
  2. If you’d like to start CrossFit whilst on holiday we can offer you our CrossFit Foundations Movement package. 
  3. We are currently unable to offer any Open Gym options.