Visiting CrossFitter


Whether you are on holiday, visiting family or in the area with work, you’re more than welcome to join us for a WOD or two…


These sessions can be purchased and booked straight away, via the links below. Once sign-up has been completed you’ll have access to our full class schedule and be able to book any class of your choosing. Open gym is available from 8am-2pm & 4pm-8pm daily.

You will need to have been training at a CrossFit Affiliate anywhere in the world & have a reasonable understanding of CrossFits Foundational Movements.

Simply drop us a quick text, to let us know you are coming.

* Please Note:

We use the popular Team-up booking & payment system, so if you already have an account with your own CF Affiliate, you can use your current log-in details.

Due To COVID-19 We Are Currently NOT Accepting Drop-ins From Other Box’s


We are very sorry to upset your holiday training plans, but at this point in time, we feel it’s in the best interest of our community for us to be able to monitor local conditions only. 


We’ve been monitoring both countrywide conditions and government reports and as the country is now in the throws of the second wave of COVID we will be unable to offer drop-in training for the foreseeable future.  

We’d like to wish you the best time on your holidays & thank you sincerely for your understanding.

Single Session
7 Day Unlimited